Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LPL 2013 Week 5 - WE vs IG - The Fake-out

The picks:
WE - Orianna, Varus, Thresh, Rumble, Lee-Sin
IG - Jayce (ADC), Jarvan (Top), Hecarim, Kha-Zix (Mid), Sona.

Lvl 1 - IG roams around their jungle making sure WE weren't invading. At the 1 minute mark, Jarvan uses Demacian Standard to check the Top river bush. When it's clear, IG rushes to Top Tri bush, Jarvan goes back to blue to defend. IG sends sona alone to WE's Blue ramp to pink ward and kill WE's green ward. The rest of IG stays inside of Top tri bush.
   Why? Because WE's green ward would only see Sona. This would assume IG is 2v1'ing top and they will take the golems. WE does not have vision on IG's blue so they don't go in blue so they don't accidentally team fight.

Link to the VOD:
Bans and picks start at: 9:00
Game starts at: 16:25