Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 10 EU LCS - Fnatic vs GIANTS - The Golem Secure


GIANTS- Irelia, Jarvan IV, Diana, Caitlyn, Zyra.
Fnatic- Zed, Volibear, Ahri, Twitch, Thresh.

GIANTS as the Blue team and Fnatic as the Red team, Fnatic sends Thresh to ward Red Mid-banana bush. Twitch heads towards Red wraiths but almost gets caught out by Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard when he uses it to check the bush behind Red Buff. Fnatic's Volibear stays to guard his Blue ramp and Zed is currently staying in the Top river bush. Irelia, Caitlyn, and Zyra quickly head towards the Top tri-bush. Since Zed is in the Top river bush, he sees the three go into the tri-bush. GIANTS' Zyra puts down a pink ward in the tri-bush to check for vision. A few seconds later, Irelia recalls and Jarvan IV and Diana start to head into the tri-bush, still being seen by Zed. Fnatic quickly respond by stacking up in their bush behind Red buff. At 1:45, GIANTS start to secure Red side's golems. GIANTS head back towards the tri-bush and then towards the bush behind the Red buff, Fnatic still inside. Another Demacian Standard is used to check the bush and Fnatic are seen. GIANTS head towards the Baron-side of the river, Caitlyn and Zyra going top, Diana going mid, and Jarvan IV going to Blue buff. Fnatic's Twitch and Thresh are there to catch Diana out, dealing almost enough damage to kill her, plus using ignite. Diana survives with about ~50 HP. 

Bans: 4:57:00
Game: 5:05:00