Monday, November 5, 2012

End of Season 2 to be delayed

This just in!

Posted by Yegg on the NA forums:

Season Two is ending with the next patch, but since we’re still working on a couple issues, we won’t actually be patching tonight. This means that the season has been extended until the patch is ready to be released, and everyone has some additional time to qualify for rewards. However, note that on the night when the patch goes out, we’ll be shutting off ranked queues several hours earlier than usual.

As for rewards: Victorious Janna, summoner profile banner trims, and loading screen borders should be available as soon as the servers come back up. Summoner icons and forum badges will show up in the days following the patch.

Thanks for your patience and good luck in these final hours of the season!


Season 2 Championship throughout the end of Season 2: Roster Changes

    It's almost been a month since the Season 2 Championships and with the near of the end of Season 2, many changes have been made throughout the teams that you know best. Some of them include CLG.Prime (NA) and Team Curse.

    With the changeup of CLG being changed, Voyboy was kicked off and Hotshotgg, CLG's former jungler replaced him at Top Lane. Chauster, CLG's former ADC, has become the Jungle while Doublelift has taken Chauster's position as ADC. CLG has also recently picked up a new support player, Locodoco from Korea, who many might know as being an original member of Team Solomid.   

    While Voyboy is out of CLG, he has recently found a new home with Team Curse. With Westrice currently top and with the leaving of currently announced Salce, Voyboy will take over the Top Lane. Curse has tried a lot to find a proper Top Lane, such as attempting Elementz to Top Lane and Westrice for Support and trying to pick up Salce and changing his Mid role to Top. Salce did play in China for the World e-Sports Masters 2012 but left the team right before MLG Dallas.

    Although they aren't one of the top five professional NA teams, they do deserve a mention, formerly Mme.Ferus, now FeaR gaming has lost their contract with Monomaniac on October 31st and then got signed the next day over to Team FeaR who are best known for their Call of Duty teams. FeaR's current roster is the same as Mme.Ferus' except for Balls who played Top Lane has left and now currently replacing him (but not officially) is Gosu Zuna which I have noticed has been scrimming with FeaR on Aphromoo's stream on TwitchTV.

    A well known team that you might know of for facing off against now FeaR would be Team Orbit. They have highly known high Elo players such as LemonNation, Hai, Nientonsoh, Yazuki, and WildTurtle. They have left Orbit Gaming on November 1st.

    One of the teams that got invited for MLG Dallas, Team Dynamic, also had some recent roster changes. On October 25th, DontMashMe replaced Zig for the position of ADC. On October 29th, ParadoXical was released from the team. For MLG Dallas they used Nientonsoh in place of ParadoXical's leave. Unfortunately, they placed last in MLG Dallas, being knocked out in the Loser's Bracket. They faced Azubu Blaze, losing that series of 2-0 and then to CLG.EU losing with 1-2. None of these matches were streamed by MLG.

This being the first post for this blog, I would appreciate if I could get some feedback on how you liked this. I will be working on a lot of Professional articles and keep you guys updated on the upcoming Season 3.