Monday, April 22, 2013

Post-Week 10 NA LCS

     With the closing of week 10 of the NA LCS, we have seen many upsets and victories as the eight teams try to make their way to the top. The LCS format is that the top two teams will get semifinals spots in the Playoffs. The third through sixth spots get to play in the quarterfinals (the first matches). The bottom two teams will have to play in the Promotion series along with the two losing quarterfinalist teams and the amateur qualifying teams. Below is the Playoff bracket found in the LCS rulebook.

 The current and final power rankings of the NA LCS are as followed:
Team SoloMid
Curse Gaming
Team Dignitas
Counter Logic Gaming
Team Vulcun
Good Game University
Team MRN
CompLexity Gaming

Week 9's power rankings were:
Curse Gaming
Team Dignitas
Team SoloMid
Counter Logic Gaming
Team MRN
Team Vulcun
CompLexity Gaming
Good Game University


Things to note in Super Week 10:
  • TSM became #1 after a perfect week, winning all of their matches.
  • Curse Gaming on the other hand, won only one out of five of their matches. Curse Gaming could not drop below third place because CLG could not get enough wins to achieve third place, unless TSM won none of their matches.
  • Dignitas also only won one out of their five matches. Ironically winning against Curse. This would put Dignitas in third place.
  • CLG won two matches against Vulcun and Dignitas and lost three matches to Team MRN, GGU, and TSM.
  • Vulcun would lose to CLG,  and win against Dignitas, Curse, GGU, and Team MRN.
  • GGU wins Curse and CLG while losing to Vulcun, TSM, and CompLexity.
  • Team MRN wins against CLG and CompLexity while losing to Curse, Vulcun, and TSM.
  • CompLexity wins Dignitas, GGU, and Curse while losing to TSM and Team MRN.
On a final note, the Spring Playoff schedule has been updated on Leaguepedia.
  • Dignitas vs GGU
  • CLG vs Vulcun.
  • Curse will face whoever wins against Dignitas and GGU.
  • TSM will face whoever wins against CLG and Vulcun.
Promotion Series
  • CompLexity
  • Team MRN
Have both been knocked down to the Promotion bracket


Quick edit: Leaguepedia had their brackets wrong that said TSM will face Dig or GGU in the semifinal brackets of the playoffs but it's really Curse vs Dig or GGU and vice versa.